What I’m Reading{on Fitness/Nutrition}

Currently reading:

‘In Defense of Food’ by Michael Pollen

-I’ve seen a lot of good feedback on this one and am excited to really dive into it!  I’m already a vegetarian {pescetarian, actually}, but it never hurts to learn new things/deepen your understanding of these issues!

‘Born to Run’ by Christopher McDougall

-This was suggested to me by a friend who said it would ‘change the way I think about running.’  And it totally has.  Even though I’ve taken several breaks from it (novels, life, etc. get in the way), I already quote it to others.  Rule #1: Do not buy super expensive uber padded shoes.  a) you’re actually hurting yourself more; and b) you’re wasting money.

Also on my reading list, thanks to Teri from A Foodie Stays Fit :

‘The China Study’ by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas L. Campbell II

-After reading her post about it, I ran right to my favorite local bookstore and picked it up!  Any excuse to buy books, really 🙂

…which if you knew me is understandable, yet ridiculous, since I also have a FULLY loaded Kindle 😉

At least when I go to Politics & Prose versus a large chain bookstore, I can justify it further by saying I’m supporting the local economy!


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