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28 Jun

Get it Girl!

4 Apr

Cherry Blossom 10miler: 1:19:08 !!!

I arbitrarily made a goal for myself of under 1:20 … not exactly remembering what my last 10mile time was.

Psyched …. thrilled …. yay! 🙂


Week 3: Workout Schedule

Monday: Body pump & stepper

Tuesday: 6miles

Wednesday: 5miles

Thursday: AM body pump

Friday: 7miles

Saturday: 5miles and/or Step class

Sunday: 13miles


21 Mar

We’ll call this my formal introduction to the blog world:

Welcome to me! 🙂

The primary purpose of this blog is to keep myself accountable and on track with my training schedule for ….. drumroll … my first EVER marathon!  (eek/yikes!)

Granted, it’s the Marine Corps Marathon at the end of 2011, but this isn’t the type of run you can fake …. plus I want to be feeling ‘fit as a fiddle’ and completely on my game when that day finally comes around.  So yes, I may be ahead of myself in preparing 7 months ahead of time …. but it can’t hurt!

Of course, on this rainy morning in the District, I turned off my 6:15am alarm clock (bad habit!) and let myself sleep in until 7:30am.  I’m really working on quitting that …is there such thing as a ‘snooze-free’ alarm clock???!

I decided not to give myself TOO hard of a time though since yesterday was ‘Long Run Day’: 12.19 miles!   AND I’ll be going to Pilates class at my gym tonight at 8pm (something new I’m trying to integrate into my training schedule).

I DID make myself a DELICIOUS smoothie for breakfast when I finally did get out of bed:  the ‘Peanut Butter Energy Booster’ from  Can’t really go wrong when there’s peanut butter involved 🙂

So all in all it was a pretty solid morning – complete with the musical stylings of Brooke Fraser while I made my lunch (salad with all the fixings + apple, orange) — she’s a new obsession.  I could almost pretend it was a nice day out!

I’ll leave you with this last feel-good tidbit that I received via email from my best friend this morning:

Because who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss 🙂