Meet the RegularGirl

Training for a marathon. One step at a time.

Yes, I realize that the title is a bit cliché — but before you write me and my blog off, let me explain the thought process behind it:

I’m your average girl.  Period.  And I don’t say that in a bad or self-depricating way.  I went to high school, and graduated.  Went to college, and graduated.  Did well and slid into my first post-collegiate big-girl-with-benefits job without too much stress or upset.  I have friends who I love, family who I adore, and a life that I’m generally very happy with.

But just like everyone else I like to dream of more.  Think of what I could do.

{I’ve heard that’s what this generation is all about}

I like to develop these lofty goals for myself.  Grad school, fitness instructor, marathons, lose 5 lbs, write a novel, take a year and travel to Europe…… etc.

AKA: I’m all over the place.

So I get ‘lazy’ and submit to status quo. I chill out on the couch at night, watch two hours of ‘Real Housewives’ (gah! Super guilty pleasure….anyone?) and then go to bed with a belly full of chocolate chip cookies.  Then, after feeling terrible about my laxidasical ways, come up with 3,000 things I’d like to do.  Immediately.  Starting tomorrow.

And repeat.

It doesn’t happen that way.  And it’s a vicious cycle.  I realize time and time again that these things – life and running – are best (and really only safely/sanely) accomplished ONE STEP AT A TIME.

So yes, I’m using this blog to keep myself accountable to my training schedule.  Personal diary?  Been there (sort of), done that.  Doesn’t work.  Although I firmly believe that you are first and foremost accountable to yourself, sometimes you need that little public push – i.e. typed words on a screen – to keep you accountable.

Because this is really about more than just exercise.  I’m pretty good at working out regularly.  It’s about changing my lifestyle, in regards to fitness and food. The marathon is a short-term goal.  Life is the long-term.


Regular Girl Running.  One Step at a Time.


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