Sleepy Foot {& Accountability}

18 Apr

Yes I have been gone for a couple weeks…..

Aaaaaaand I have no good excuse! {things going on in my personal life taking over free time}

You should be happy to know that I haven’t completely gone off course even though I haven’t been keeping myself accountable here.  I haven’t been running as often, but I’ve continued to pick up the mileage on my weekly long runs.

Yesterday I accomplished another first: 15miles! {2:08}

Phew.  My entire body was sore to the touch almost immediately afterwards.  And I felt a little sluggish during the run —- which I’m attributing slightly to a weekend of more than one cocktail…. {bday weekend!}.  However it was a B-E-A-UTIFUL day and I was in good company running through the park and around DC.  It is definitely one of the things I like most about Washington DC – we’re an athletic bunch! 🙂

I also took body pump tonight for the first time in 2 weeks {eeeeek! I know….}.  It actually didn’t end up being as painful as I anticipated.  Although that COULD be because I dropped weight from pretty much every exercise …..

Ooops?  I’ll pick it back up for next time.  And I think it’s very important that I go back to doing weights at least once a week.  End. Of. Story. {it’s almost summer for gosh sakes!}

This last little tidbit has been on my mind & I wanted to throw it out there:

As I pick up the mileage, I’ve noticed that the toes/part of my left foot starts getting numb during my run.  I find myself curling and uncurling my toes to try and regain the circulation/stop the pins&needles.  I have 2 pairs of running shoes, both the same brand (though different sizes somehow….), that I switch around – generally for no particular reason.  I can never remember if I feel the pins&needles when wearing one pair of shoes or the other – but I actually don’t think it matters.  I’m not sure if it’s something I should be worried about …..

Happy Monday, Y’all! 🙂


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