28 Mar

Yes, I avoided writing here all weekend.

Why?  Because it was not a productive couple of days.  No exercising, no cooking.

{But I’m back, keeping myself accountable}

So of course, Sunday night when I’m thinking about the week ahead, I start mentally battering myself for not getting anything done when I had that extra time.  This morning I doubled up on my to-do list and vowed to stick to it. {vicious cycle from my ‘About Me’}

No one is harder on me than me.  When I don’t work out, I really do give myself a hard time.  It’s actually probably more exhausting than actually working out would have been.  I think I worry that that first missed run will lead to the next …. and the next … and the next.

And all of this made me think about balance.

I feel that I’m full of contradictions:

I like schedules, routines, and to-do lists.  I like spontaneity .

I like to be organized and meticulous. I like to feel carefree.

I want to work toward my future. I want to live in the moment.

So I get up at 5:45 to run {schedule} so that I can be free to do whatever in the evening after work {spontaneity}.

Marathon training {future} vs. night out {moment}.

Some of these things work together, and some directly oppose each other.  Where is the balance?


Tonight I did last week’s long run since I skipped it yesterday.  And of course I couldn’t let myself get away with that.

{Do not go running at night in a park. Totally spooked myself.  Ended up turning around, getting back to the main route, and making up a route to get in the mileage I needed — thank you, Garmin!}

The Good News:

– Dominated my 1/2 marathon time by 6min! 13.15 miles in 1:54

– My legs/everything felt great!  Totally could have gone another couple of miles …. if it hadn’t been 9pm

Exhausted after my shower, I just threw together some food:

Tempeh {bought at TJs for the first time last week & am attempting to learn how to cook it…..} sauteed with garlic & onion, spices, basil, frozen veggies – voila!  Orange & figs for dessert 🙂


Week 1: Workout Schedule in Review:

Monday – 30min ab video

Tuesday – body pump

Wednesday – yoga

Thursday – am body pump


Workout Schedule: Week 2

Monday: 13.1 miles

Tuesday: 20min stepper + 15min bike

Wednesday: 6miles am

Thursday: am body pump

Friday: 7miles am

Saturday: off

Sunday: race day! Cherry Blossom 10miler


……and already looking forward to tomorrow’s morning smoothie! 🙂


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