Duhhhh: Workout Schedule, Week1

23 Mar

I realized at some point late last night/early this morning while I was NOT sleeping (ugh, don’t get me started) that this blog is supposed to be about keeping track of my fitness schedule…..

But I have yet to actually post any sort of schedule.

Accountability ….. really??

So here is my weekly exercise schedule exactly how I wrote it out on Sunday (which I do every Sunday evening/Monday morning):

Week1 (not really in terms of training, but for this blog, yes – we’ll keep it simple):

Monday: am run + pilates

Tuesday: 8pm body pump

Wednesday: am run + yoga

Thursday: am body pump

Friday: am run

Saturday: 20min stepper

Sunday: long run = 13miles


*Im cringing thinking how off I am already …..

But there’s no use in lying about it.

This morning I needed a feel-good breakfast after my terrrrrible/shorter-even-than-usual night of sleep (ugh, again).  So I went for the 1-min flaxseed muffin that I found on the cutest foodie blog, ‘A bicycle built for two.’

A couple of modifications:

-Add a handful of oats (I like the added texture)

-I mix it all directly in the mug I’m going to use to heat it up.  As long as you’re sure to stir well, there’s no need to dirty another dish! 🙂

-I usually microwave it for a little longer than 1-min …. 1:10 – 1:20 (I’m sure it all depends on the strength of your microwave, but after just one min my muffins are still a little wet at the very bottom)

I was able to cut the muffin into 4 pieces, and since comfort = peanut butter, a smear of that went on each one, then 2 pieces got a little jam (mixed fruit), and then I put banana slices on the other 2 (aaaaaaaaand ate the rest of the banana).

Yummmm — just what I wanted on this dark-threat-of-rain morning.  And of course I doubled up on espresso …..

Happy Hump Day! 🙂


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