Gourmet Tortilla Pizza!

22 Mar

I’ll start this off by saying I am not a chef.  I don’t do measurements or ever fully follow a recipe.  I’m just not meticulous enough in that regard.  And this is not a cooking/food blog because I will never have that much patience or motivation  🙂

I’m the queen of ‘loaded salads.’  Every week I buy a few different vegetables, a bag of romaine lettuce heads, a can of kidney beans, a can of garbanzo beans and a box of boca burgers….etc. & Voila!  A filling salad.

That’s probably why when I started saying {recently} that I was trying to eat healthier I got a lot of incredulous looks/exclamations/rolled eyes. Honestly though …. I’m a huge cheater.

Yes I make my salad for lunch and sometimes one for dinner.  But then I eat some peanut butter – sometimes with crackers and sometimes just out of the container, to save calories (….no really….that’s my justification).  Then comes dessert. Cookies, chocolate, fruit, chocolate ….. chocolate.

Not sounding all that healthy anymore, I’ll bet.

So yes, I’m trying to jumpstart myself into a more healthy eating STYLE.  Which includes varying my dishes so that I’m not eating my salads (always delicious, don’t get me wrong) day in and day out to stay on track, yet craaaaaaaaaving new flavors so much so that I end up eating peanut butter, sunflower seeds&raisins out of the bag …. etc.

Plus …. I actually enjoy cooking!  It’s just something I always say I don’t have time for (there’s that excuse again), or I’m too tired to do at the end of the day (another one!), orrrrrr that it seems like a lot to do for just one person (ahem, LEFTOVERS!).

I’m starting slowly – noting a few recipes a week that I want to try/experiment with from different sources.  Or I’ll even get inspired while grocery shopping (a favorite pasttime.  excuse me, it’s a store full of FOOD. I don’t understand all the complaints).  They also should be relatively quick to make – at least during the week.  Mon-Friday I finally get home between 6:30 and 8:15, depending on if I take a class at the gym after work or not ooooor if I meet up with someone for a drink (trying to cut out the HH food, but wine is one thing I will not be purging from my life).  As you can imagine – I’m starving by then.  I tend to always have carrots or sugar snap peas (a new obsession!) on hand to snack on while I get everything together & begin cooking.  I forget where I read this but: the most dangerous thing for a person trying to diet / change their eating habits, is to be hungry.  That’s when you grab at the wrong thing out of sheer hunger-induced delirium.  We’ve all been there. Have a healthy snack on hand. Always.

Pizza Lovers, you ready for this?  I ADORE pizza – spent 6months in Italy in college barely eating anything else – and we have the greatest gourmet pizza place right near my apt.  Of course it’s pricey & most certainly caloric-ly (spell check is telling me that’s not a word….. ) dangerous.  Sooooo I decided to make my own!  Totally hit the spot.  Not kidding 🙂

Tonight I actually didn’t have my usual glass of wine while cooking …. I was still hydrating from my body pump work out!

{I adore my pump instructor&class & tonight was particularly brutal.  We did some tracks from old routines and my arms are STILL shaky…. loveitloveitloveit}

Pre-shower I got all my ingredients together, preheated the oven to 425, and played Italian chef:

1-2 whole wheat tortillas

2-Pizza/Pasta sauce (I used a chunky basil pasta sauce …. because that’s what I had in my fridge)

3-Baby spinach

4-Sun-dried tomatoes (!!!!) – treated myself to these on my grocery run this weekend 🙂

5-Chopped mushrooms – I’d say about half a cup

6-Chopped white onion – 1/4 cup

7-Crumbled feta cheese

8-Fresh basil leaves

9-Garlic (I was too lazy to chop garlic tonight so I used the powdered version. I’m positive it would be even better with the real thing)

10-Light pepper

11-Red pepper flakes (easy with this one)

12-Oregano leaves

Bake for 15 – 18 minutes (check near the end to make sure the edges aren’t getting too burnt)

I’m extraordinarily pleased with myself on this one 🙂  The thin crispy tortilla is PERFECT since I like thin crust anyway – and the toppings made me feel like I was really eating a gourmet pizza.  I was even able to cut it into little pizza slices!  And totally customizable for whatever you have on hand – But wow do I recommend both the sun-dried tomatoes & basil leaves!  Really kicks it up a notch in terms of gourmet-ness (hmm, flagged by spellcheck…) and overall presentation.

*ugh so PLEASE excuse the quality of these pictures so far.  All have been taken on my silly little LG Dare phone because that’s what I’ve had on hand for a quick pic in the kitchen.  As a photography enthusiast myself, it’s rather embarrassing.  You’ll get the general idea though — professional looking FOOD, right?!  🙂


...& read to eat!

Aaaaand of course I finished off my evening with 2 large oranges (which brings me to a total of 3 for the day.  Whoops!  I know oranges are high in sugar but they have been soooooooooo incredibly juicy and scrumptious lately…) – not pictured here because a) you know what oranges look like, and b) they weren’t out long enough && my phone was on the other side of the couch.

*Note: NO random snacking after dinner!  No peanut butter jars, no crackers with hummus.  My meal filled me up so that all I needed was a little sweet fruit to be completely satisfied.

I’d say that’s a check for the day 🙂


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