….and THAT’S why you work out in the morning

21 Mar

I’d had a long-standing HH date with a couple of friends tonight after work … and I don’t see them very often …. And we had a lot to talk about….

I bet you can tell where this is going.

No 8pm pilates.

(feel like I totally started my ‘keep on track’ blog on the wrong day)

Reason #25,552 why – even though your energy peaks later in the day – people who commit to morning work outs are more likely to be consistent and make it a routine part of their schedule***

SO after heating up some leftovers …

{Last night I had made the Hot Garlic Shrimp & Asparagus recipe from ‘Eating Bird Food.’  SO DELICIOUS.  I’m a huge fan of asparagus but never buy it/make it – generally thinking it’s too expensive for my budget.  But this less-than-a-pound bunch I bought is going to last me for three meals.  Not too shabby.  Just one warning: the recipe says to use between 1 and 2 teaspoons of red pepper flakes.  I’m a fan of spicy so I went for two —– phew, SOOOO very hot!  I added extra lemon juice to try and cut it and my sinuses are still singing….}

… I did a 30-min ab work out video that my roommate just bought.  It definitely got my heart rate up and a little sweat going, but my abs aren’t burning the way I wish they were/generally are after a good ab work out.  I’m wondering if I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough (??)  or if because it was a new routine to me my muscles were ‘tricked’ into submission…. It also could have been the location: a room in my apartment vs. the gym.

{that happens, right?}

You’re supposed to do this work out 5 times a week for 6weeks to get a 6-pack (….right).  I’m thinking I’ll try to commit to 2-3 times a week.

*Again – trying to think of what is truly ‘do-able.’  AKA: not too much all at once! {one step at a time, one step at a time}

The abs video coupled with everything else should add up to a summer-worthy stomach. 🙂

I also decided that (clearly) today would be the perfect day for my ‘EXCUSES’ post.

Part 1: What common excuses do I use to NOT work out?

  • Too early
  • Too late
  • Exhausted
  • Too sore/muscles are tired
  • Worked out hard yesterday
  • I deserve a break
  • I don’t have time
  • I’m hungry
  • I’ll do it later

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